Housing 101 – Session One – How did we get here?

We kicked off Housing 101 Series on June 14, 2022 at Forsyth Tech. We had 60 plus people attend.

The Topics were:

A – How did we get here? – The History of Housing in Forsyth County which outlined how Winston Salem and the United States evolved from being a rural based economy to a city-centric one we now live in. It talks about the ecomomics and governmental policies that formed our current housing world. Below is the link if you would like to view this session.

B- Why does Winston Salem have a housing issue? which presented Folks For Good Housing’s findings over the last two years. It goes through the top eight items which have produced the current result on not enough housing and housing which is not affordable to a good amount Forsyth County’s citizens. Below is the link to view this session.

C- Future Meetings and Topic Discussions. We talked about what future topics we should cover with the vision of pulling together panels of LOCAL folks (4-6 people) who touch the different types of housing with the goal of 1) educating the group on that type of housing, 2) identify the current challenges, and 3) coming up with list of actions which would help address the challenges.

The current proposed topics are:

  • Workforce Housing,
  • For Sale Housing,
  • Market Rate Rentals,
  • Emergency Housing, and
  • Governmental/Subsidize Housing

** If you would like to attend future meetings, please follow this website and/or our FaceBook Page.

** If you would like help with future meetings, please email us since we are just a group of volunteers doing this in our evenings and we can surely use some help.